Ideon Innovation is a greenhouse for new ideas where we help startups grow to their dreams. We are located in the middle of the Ideon Science Park in Lund – a nurturing environment for innovation and collaboration. It is a place for people and a place for passion.


We firmly believe that together with us you can

achieve great things! 


We have tailored startup companies route to success since 2001. Our passion lies in building value into your company so that it develops faster than it would outside the incubator. In a creative environment you will get support from our experienced business coaches and make connections with 400 companies close at hand so that you easily can reach an international market.


Are you looking for someone who knows about marketing? Do you have questions about legal matters? Is your company missing that final piece of the puzzle? Ideon Innovation has a strong network of entrepreneurs, investors, developers and people with diverse areas of expertise, who could all become a part of your network. 

the hottest 34:orna 2019

We are so happy to see several incubator companies and one alumni company on the list of the hottest young entrepreneurs under 34 years in Skåne! Tendo came among the top five!


BIG Congrats to Sofie Woge - Tendo, Henning Gillberg - Repamera, Julia Wikström -- Snömoln and Robert Schmitt - Vultus.

The news agency
Rapidus, in collaboration with the accounting firm PwC, has produced the list.


Practise your pitchin' on the Pitcher's Corner stage! It's open for anyone with an idea, a thought a dream. Pitch infront of an audience, who will also give you feedback, and at the end of the session one of the pitchers wins 1000 crowns! Contact Pelle for registration.



Every tuesday at 8.45 am we meet at Ideon Agora's entrance and indulge in coffee, tea, juice and sandwiches. It's the perfect place to meet awesome people from all around Ideon Science Park, Lund University and LTH. And you know what? It's free!

TUESDAYS | 08.45 - 09.30 | IDEON AGORA



we've incubated



with a market capital of

billion SEK


we've created

job opportunities

Everyone's in the same situation and can help build eachother at an incubator. When we met in the "fika"-room we always used to talk about technology, or how to get investment. There where so many other startups that helped us, and that was the best benefit of sitting at Ideon Innovation

Jon Hauksson


We knew that we were to be part of a great community when we got into the incubator, but what exceeded our expectations is the level of support and goodwill from the Ideon Innovation team, as well as the partners and incubator companies. The generosity and reach of the incubator network are impressive, and something precious for any start-up at any stage.

Vanja Samuelsson



our friends

There is a strong sense of community and shared entrepreneurial spirit at Ideon Innovation. The energy that comes from this is worth tons! With so much support, coaching and feedback under the same roof it makes it so much faster to find solutions than outside of the incubator.

Henrik Hallgren


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Leslie Alfredsson

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We'll see you here!

we want to see

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our friends

our friends


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