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We are very happy that you

want to join us!

We would like to get to know you and your idea better.

Are you a square, triangle or circle?

Please choose the option that best describes you (and your team).


• Have a brilliant product/service/concept
• Have a registered Swedish company
• Have an MVP (minimum viable product)
• Have a team of minimum 2 people
• Have international ambitions
• Address at least one of the UN Sustainable
Development Goals


• Have a great idea that helps solving a major social problem
• Have a Swedish company, organization 

or team
• Have tested your idea with promising results


• Have a really good idea
• Want to validate your idea
• Want to develop your idea into a company/organization

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Ideon Innovation | Scheelevägen 15

223 70 LUND


+46 46 286 50 50

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