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Fast Track Capital III

– a co-investment scheme for business angels

Invest in some of the most promising startup companies in Skåne and Europe

During Spring 2021, Ideon Innovation will set up an investment company for business angels, Fast Track Capital III (FTC3), together with Minc, the successor to Fast Track Capital II AB, which invested from beginning of 2019 until spring 2021.

The state-owned venture capital firm Saminvest matches the allocated private capital

up to the same amount.


Fast Track Capital III gives business angels the possibility to spread the risk and become shareholders in a larger number of promising startups with a relatively small capital investment. Investors are encouraged to use the opportunity to make direct follow-on investments in the companies they find interesting. 


 We closed the opportunity to invest in Fast Track Capital III on May 26th. There was a BIG interest and we were oversubscribed

You can read more about it here (in Swedish).

Did you missed this opportunity and are interested in our companies,

please contact Rickard or Anders.


Rickard Mosell, Investment Manager Ideon Innovation

rm(@) | +46 (0)709-708876

Anders Nilsson, CEO Ideon Innovation

an(@) | +46 (0)701-405308

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