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3 things startups need to know when looking for investment | Ideon Innovation How To

Finding money is an important part of the early stages of building your business. We've put together three steps that you as a startup need to think about when you're looking for investment. Good luck!

Even though you can be quite desperate for money in the early stages of building your startup, it is important to remember that it's not just all about the money in it self. You need smart money. Find an investor who has an appropriate background for what your startup is about. Do you need to reach an international market? Find an investor who've helped other startups with just that. The easiest way is to ask during your meeting with the investor, or get on to google to find the perfect one.

This is so important! What is the investor undertaking more than just providing you with money, and what is it expecting from you? These are very important questions that needs to be discussed to avoid any misunderstandings later on the journey. And of course, don't forget to write a contract.

Do you really need investment right now? Look over your options! It's important to look at the alternatives. Could it be better for you to take a loan? You will save time, and it can also be a faster way to increase the value of your startup. Another option could be to reach out to your customers via crowdfunding!

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