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Good luck with the hackathon, OpenHack!

We're looking forward to the 3rd December - OpenHack's next hackathon in Malmö! The hackathon will enable a like-minded community to use technology and creativity to make the sustainable positive impact on humanity!

Our burning passion for building and enabling our community of tech volunteers to make a sustainable impact on humanity makes us into entrepreneurs!


OpenHack organizes hackathons to bring tech volunteers together with organizations to collaborate on humanitarian and social challenges. Today OpenHack consists of five techies with a passion for digitization and social innovation. The team keeps everything together during their spare time.

OpenHack gets the energy from being able to work with creative and passionate people on the mission to make an impact on society. One cannot rightfully describe the enthusiasm and energy at the hackathons - one needs to experience it!


OpenHack is sprung out of a group of students active in Engineers Without Borders at Lund University. Ideon Innovation has a close connection to the university, both physically and work-wise, and provides a fantastic network and great coaching,

all crucial to our ambition of growing our community and organization!


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