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Tempiro is launching a crowdfunding campaign

Tempiro has been working to find the perfect solution to remotely

control electric heating and other fixed appliances.

Now the complete design is ready!

We recently joined Ideon Innovation because working alongside other startups is very inspiring, and we like the open, innovative atmosphere that the incubator offers. We appreciate all the support that we get here regarding business development and taking our product into the market.


Tempiro offers solutions to remotely control electric heating, hot water, cooling, and ventilation. The startup serves householders and holiday homeowners who want to reduce their energy costs and, at the same time, increase their home’s comfort.

As the team tells us, growing a startup is a very varied job. They do everything from designing the product appearance, developing the electronics and software to marketing the product and networking with potential stakeholders. To produce a new kind of product is very challenging but at the same time, that is what drives them to move forward.

They note that as an entrepreneur, you have to be strong-willed and persevering, and you should never forget that your customers are the ones who will pay for all you do!


Now we are launching a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo! From November 14th, the product will be available for pre-orders with a special

discount of up to 40% off. You can also support the campaign on Thunderclap!

Magnus Lindström founded Tempiro in early 2016, and currently, his team consists of him, Maite Bellón, Cecilia Lindén, Johan Lindén, and Muhamet Ademi.


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