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Ideon Innovation's Alumni at Ideon Takeoff

Having the Alumni leave the incubator can be a bitter-sweet feeling,

but, on the bright side, Memlin, Entowork, and Jibber have stayed in Agora House!

Our Alumni have joined a post-incubator program - Ideon Takeoff. The program is designed to make the transition from the Incubator to the Science Park as easy as possible so that the companies can keep growing and expanding.

We visited the alumni at their new workspace. It's just one stair up from the incubator! As you can read below, they are as energized as ever!


For us, it was a no-brainer to stay at Ideon Science Park with its 400 affiliated companies. Being a part of the community and sitting close to similar companies is, and has been, invaluable for us.

Abtin Janinejad, CEO Entowork

Inspiring environment and closeness to the network is the reason to stay at the science park!

Fredrik Broberg, CEO Jibber

Of course, we took an opportunity of staying in Ideon's ecosystem. Here we have a chance of creating a stimulating environment and making an impact on it.

Besides, we received an exceptional arrangement from Ideon Science Park -

their pricing is suitable for our current development phase.

Christian Ramel, CEO Memlin


IdeonTakoff is just taking off, says Lotta Wessfeldt, Event and Delegations Manager at Ideon Science Park. The companies can rent up to six desks for a maximum of 18 months. Depending on the needs of the company, the program will offer different types of support. Some companies wish to be a part of the creative environment, while others want business support within marketing, financial or legal services for instance.

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