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Take Five of Content Marketing

December is all about caring and sharing! So we bring you five best tips from Lydia Nicoll - a content marketing pro and a founder of Natively. She held an insightful workshop for Ideon Innovation companies and generously shared how content marketing is done right!

Be customer-forward thinking. Everything you do is with the customer in mind: how can you help them, how can you add value to their lives, what stories are they interested in hearing, how can you make their online experience with you more accessible and better? These are the questions you should be thinking about constantly.

Research is not helpful- it's necessary. If you don’t thoroughly research keywords, targeted audiences, competition, market opportunities, and how customers interact with your brand/products, how do you know how and where to reach prospects?

Always be thinking ahead. If you spend all your time and energy attracting customer (like through social media), what do you expect them to do once they visit your site? Don’t leave them hanging, show them the next steps, plan for helping them along their buyer’s journey, and make sure they have a smooth path towards making a purchase. If you don’t take care of your site visitors, you won’t get the conversions you want.

Walk before you run. It can be easy to look to the next cool thing on the horizon and want to try it (like chatbots and AI), but these things are hard to implement if you haven’t taken the time to build a foundation for them. Start with your strategy, then see how new ideas can fit in in a way that makes sense for your business and brand.

Don’t forget your existing customers! As competition across all markets increases, differentiating factors between businesses will not just be about price and quality; it will come down to the customer experience. Spend time making sure existing customers are happy rather than focusing solely on getting new ones. You’ll generate loyalty, referrals, and better customer lifetime values.


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