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Take Five of Branding

Have you met Martin Kann? He is a marketing and branding advisor at Ideon Innovation. He enriches us with his 30 years of experience within advertising in Sweden, Canada and Denmark and with the glow of being the 7th member and graphic creator of legendary indie band Bob Hund.

He helps the start-ups to define their position, core message and brand tonality from an outside-in perspective with simple, straightforward and well-proven methods.

This week, we bring you Martin's five best tips!

It´s not about what you want to say.

It´s about what your customer wants to hear. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Is your message still relevant?

Don´t bring a knife to a gun fight.

If your resources are limited, invent your own battlefield. Don´t say the same thing as the leading competitor. You will not be heard.

Build a solid communication strategy before you start talking.

Don´t jump into creative solutions before you know where you are going.

Graphic design is not about pretty or ugly.

View graphic design as a tool to reach a defined goal, not your personal taste.

Don´t try to please everyone.

”If you stand for something, you will always find some people for you and some against you. If you stand for nothing, you will find nobody against you, and nobody for you.” - This quote by Bill Bernbach translates easily into branding.

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