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Take Five of Investment

Meet the Master of Money aka Ola Andersson - Business Coach at Ideon Innovation! Enjoy Ola's five best tips for investment seekers and reach out to him for more!

Forget about venture capital

Well, not totally but plan your company as if you do not have any money besides your savings. Make sure that you are on the right track. Speak with your customers as early as possible and improve your business according to the need. This way you will have customer-generated income at an early stage. Having customer driven income will attract the investors. ​

Start early Remember that raising funds often takes looooonger than you expect.

Do your research Don't gamble on one investor. Be in touch with several at a time, and beware not to waste their time. You need to motivate why you choose these particular investors. Look where others over-looked Look around. You can find potential investors anywhere. People in your existing network may turn out to be investors. Also, look at the companies in your branch. Maybe someone on their board is looking for new investment opportunities. Use the support system Talk to the incubators. They often offer support along the way. You can practise your investor pitch and receive feedback that prepares you for the turning point. Get in touch with Connect - an organization and a business angel network that matches entrepreneurs with investors. ​

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