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Take Five of Pitching

Once upon a time, there was a lonely corner...

Then along came Per Garvell and Neal Greenspan and turned the lonely corner into the Pitcher's Corner. This happened a whole five years ago, and ever since that day, they have trained hundreds of entrepreneurs at pitching! You can take five with them now and learn pitching 101.

Know your purpose Anytime you communicate with a purpose in mind - you are pitching. Make sure to know your goal.

Make sure they are listening Start with the hook. The hook is what makes the listener care about paying attention to you.

Use simple language Regardless how technical your topic might be, use the language that a ten-year-old can understand.

NABC A structure is good. It helps you to stay focused. NABC is one of them.

Call to action Make sure you close your pitch by telling your listener what's the next step. Something like "Come to the Pitcher's Corner to perfect your pitch and win thousand kr!"


And they pitched happily ever after...

No, but seriously, your next success is just around the Pitcher's Corner.

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