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Take Five of Video Marketing

Have you heard that a picture is worth a thousand words? Science tells us that, in fact, it's worth much more!

The bright smile on the picture belongs to Tua Broderick - producer at Smartfilm.

She knows a thing or two about filmmaking and shares five useful insights.

Photographer Tanya Borodina

Film communicates your message effectively

A film is a set of moving images. The human mind can process images up to 60.000 times faster than words. This means that a film can convey a considerable amount of information based on feelings in just a few seconds.

Film delivers

Companies struggle to reach out to potential customers with other more traditional forms of advertising. Today video works best for marketing. Also, it's simple to measure and follow your progress as a film campaign is up and running.

Several videos are more effective than one

Your audiences have limited time and attention span. Several short videos in different formats are more memorable and useful than a single one.

Film makes anything possible

For an effective campaign, have a structure, determine the campaign’s goals and target audiences. As for the rest, the only limit is your imagination!

It is a scalable investment

Film does not have to be expensive. You can do something very effective for a small budget. However, of course, it is essential to plan smartly.


Tua's team has recently produced a film - YES TO EQUAL OPPORTUNITY for Ideon Innovations project The Yes Way.

Smartfilm can expertly guide you from idea to finished project based on your budget. The team of professionals makes sure your message reaches the whole way to your target, through the right format and best channels.


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