Highlighted startups from Ideon Innovation

Ideon Innovation is located in the middle of the Ideon Science Park in Lund.

A nurturing environment for innovation. Since 2004, almost 300 startups have progressed in the Ideon Innovation incubator program and companies such as Parkster, Storytel and Acconeer started their journey in our incubator.


Industry: Deep Tech, Communication

Received Vinnova’s grant Innovative Startups Step 2

The rapid development of mobile technology and 5G-New Radio take extremely big steps towards reducing the notion of distance when we communicate. 5G promises speed that outperforms fiber and fixed connections resulting in no latency and endless capacity.

We have created a 3 x 3 millimeters single-chip RFIC for digital beamforming including front-end and antenna arrays that revolutionizes the approach to mmWave and beamforming. Our technology offers optimized performance using digital beamforming, faster development, easy integration, and cost reduction. Our team aims to make the 5G implementation on mobile phones and IoT devices as easy as possible.


Industry: Green mobility, SaaS

First green business travel platform

At Allihop we believe that most companies out there want to reduce their CO2 emissions, but they do not have the right tools to do it. People are ready for a change and we are bringing them a practical solution to help them reduce travel carbon emissions by 30 – 50%.

We offer access to travel for corporations focusing on green mobility, going away from the flight-centric approach that traditional agencies are currently promoting. Our SaaS can be easily integrated into the portal of our client companies. They can then select their journey and see how different means of transportation compare in terms of duration, price, and CO2 emissions.

Green travel is indeed a winner at many levels. Let us take a trip from central London to central Paris as an example. If you would take a plane, you would need 4,5h to go from point A to point B and the CO2 emissions per passenger would reach 320g/km. Whereas, if you would take the train, the trip would only take 2,5h and your carbon emissions would drop to 33g/km!

We are starting off in Sweden and working on expanding to all European cities and countries. Our pilot phase with customer companies will begin in April 2021.


Industry: Cleantech, energy

Product launched in December 2020

There are millions of people without access to reliable electricity, while there is a wide range of solar solutions that could be used to solve this issue. We built our digital solution to bridge this gap and connect African consumers with solar energy.

Our solution includes an automated solar-powered phone charging station, as the hardware design, and a software platform.

Our customers generate revenue by operating our solar charging station and bring clean and reliable energy to their communities. Using a sustainable solution that is 50% cheaper compared to the existing fossil fuel-dependent alternatives.

We use a systematic approach allowing us to supervise and manage the cash flow through our platform, making sure that the resources are redistributed to the right place. While our customers can control the status of their business and earnings.


Industry: Construction services platform

More than 700 construction machines and trucks are already listed on their platform, representing 20% of all construction machinery in Skåne

Vencab is a digital contact network connecting construction machinery service suppliers with construction projects, within the closest possible distance to reduce unnecessary commuting.

We create a win-win situation, making it easy for our stakeholders to find each other. Through our platform, they can choose the right machine for the right job, with higher profitability for both parties. Our suppliers list their products on our platform, specifying availability, product details, and location. While the clients can browse and book the supplier and machine that matches their specific requirements. We have simplified the process making it faster, cost-efficient and climate-smart.

We have tested our concept and our platform is up and running, with more than 700 construction machines and trucks listed, the equivalent of 20% of all construction machinery available in Skåne.


Industry: Nanotechnology

The first PDK version is finalized and ready to be tested by customers

There is an eminent need for high-frequency devices that will enable the promise of high band 5G to be fulfilled. Backed by 20 years of nanostructure materials and nanowires research from Lund University, we are going to commercialize a new type of nanowire transistor. We fabricate vertical, nanoscale structures using III-V compound semiconductor materials directly on silicon.

NordAmps’ transistors offer enabling technology for high-frequency circuit applications reaching 170GHz and above. Resulting in superior gain, linearity, and noise performance at mmWave frequencies with the possibility of integration with existent semiconductor technology.

We are proud to announce that we have finalized the first PDK version that allows customers to design their own circuits using our transistors and try out the performance gain of the circuits firsthand.


Industry: Medtech & Robotics

Winner of Europe’s best robot startup

I will never forget the day when I saw a paralyzed man open and close his hand for the first time in 20 years. Using our robotic glove, he could suddenly eat, drink and paint by himself – unassisted.

Medical experts and users have described our product as the world’s first exoskeleton that makes sense. Our robotic glove is portable and easy to use and does not require any hand function at all to operate it. The fact that test users do not want to return the prototype is the best feedback we can get. We are giving independence to our users, listening to their needs, and incorporating them with technology in the forefront of robotics.

Although our first target market consists of just over 500,000 people who are paralyzed due to a spinal cord injury, we are looking at 48 million potential users in the future.


Industry: Nanotechnology

Won Vinnova grant for Innovative Startups in 2019

We provide an ALE-based method of manufacturing nanostructures with a characteristic size below 20 nm. This is a new method of nanostructure fabrication using the atomic layer etching process, which is inherently a damage-free etch process.

AlixLabs started as a research project in 2015 at Lund Nano Lab at Lund University. During our research, we came across very exciting phenomena that allow us to fabricate nanostructures with characteristic size below 20 nm in an affordable way reducing the need in advanced and costly nano-patterning.

Our technology can be used in many different applications, for instance, in nanoelectronic device fabrication. Our main focus is on developing our technology for industrial fabrication of transistor channels for the next generation technology nodes and for industrial facilities which do not have access to the most advanced lithography equipment.