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We are happy to welcome MARIE GRECO to our team!

Marie most recently worked as a regional manager at Venture Cup. She was responsible for bringing in competitors and supporting them in the competition elements that are part of the process.


The desire to be able to support the participating companies grew stronger and when the offer to work at Ideon Innovation as a project- and event coordinator came, she didn´t hesitate to join the team. She will be responsible for developing and implementing activities that bring in more companies to the incubator, support existing projects and have overall responsibility for PreInk - PreInk is a pre-incubation program to create the foundation to a successful business and embark on the startup journey, hosted by an experienced team.

"I look forward to kick-starting the autumn with many exciting activities in the incubator," says Marie.


We are looking forward for her to start on August the 16th.

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